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Homemade baby's food, any recommendation?

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I would love to buy some books about how to prepare my baby's food. I have 3 dogs in our back yard so I can't grow my own vegetables but I would like to cook it as organic as possible. Also I'm interested in knowing facts about the best way to introduce my dd to solids, like when to start with tomatoes? Isn't avocado to heavy for her stomach? Which vitamins from food will she process better? and thousands of doubts more that I have

Can you recommend me some books or links
Thanks in advance
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Cathe, the moderator of this forum, wrote a great book called Simply Natural Baby Food. I recommend it.
Dd just ate what we did, but pureed. We didn't feed her green leafy vegetables or carrots or nuts until after 12 months of age, though, and we did tone down the spiciness of most dishes (we often eat pretty spicy food). She now (at almost 2.5 years) is a very catholic eater.
Thanks Megan, I will look for it
Why not carrots until 12 months Marlena? I thought they were good for infants
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IMO, avocado is a great first food, and everything I have ever read has confirmed that.
My ped, and all the baby food books I have, say that the things to keep away from until one year are,
egg white
peanut butter and all nuts

With veggies and fruits it is very easy. Just slice and steam or boil until soft, then mash with a fork or blend or food process until smooth. Do the same for firm fruits, like apples. With soft fruits, just mash (like banana).
The things I started with were bananas, squash, avocado, cereal, carrots, eggplant, smashed peas, zucchini, and potatoes.
Super Baby Food is a good book to read. It has great info on making and storing baby food, as well as nutritional info. HTH! -Sarah
Why not carrots until 12 months Marlena? I thought they were good for infants
There are potential problems with excessive nitrates in carrots.
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