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I tend to make two styles

1) with home made paper (not made by me, though! LOL) I cut the outer card and with a nice paper for writing I cut a slightly smaller card to glue inside of the outer

I tuck a ribbon between the two pieces with glue so the card can be tied shut.

I then make an envelop with glue by tracing an open envelope for a pattern

Then I often will glue an image from a used card or from a magazine, or a picture of someone in my family etc on the front!

2) the other style that I like making is to use blank white cards and I put 1 flower fairy sticker on the front then I decorate it with dots and swirlies and I write one word on the front of the card. (such as love, or Joy etc)

then I cut the edge of the card with a decorative scissors.

The cards I make are pretty simple, but they are still fun!
I've seen some beautifully elaborate cards, but I lack TIME and patience!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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