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Homemade Chicken Feed

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I think we're going to be getting chickens soon, so I want to make them some organic feed. I figure it'd be cheaper than buying and I want this to be as cost effective as possible. Does anyone have a recipe? I figure during the summers, they can peck and eat weeds, bugs, extra raw milk, tablescraps, etc. But what do they eat during the winter?

How much do you spend a month on your chicken feed? DS and I are so excited! We keep clucking! LOL :LOL
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Have you looked into Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens? They have a pretty detailed recipe. I could write it here if you want but it is a little daunting. I buy my organic feed at a feed store, but I have it more as a back-up for them because they range, eat weeds and some kitchen scraps, and my co-op gives us all the free "distressed" produce we want. We also give them any leftover grains. My girls are pretty spoiled so they only want the greens and certain fruits, but some people's hens will eat any scraps. Don't know if that helps...
Thank you, Farmer Mama. I'll check the book out asap! That's really neat that they give you the damaged produce. Your chickens eat well!!
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