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homemade gift for 1 year old boy?

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Any ideas? I don't knit, but I do sew. I've got a girl and have really only been making very girly items. Any ideas for a good homemade gift for a 1 year old??

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Simple draw-string bags (for keeping dinky cars, blocks, etc.)?


A T-shirt with his name sewn on?
What about a really simple stuffed animal, crayon roll, or soft shoes? If they cloth diaper, maybe a few embellished prefolds?
Set of fabric blocks included some wedges to, eventually, roll cars up and down.

Fabric balls.

For a one year old, you can add a nice crinkle-effect to things by stuffing them with cut up plastic grocery sacks (ask your neighbors if you don't have any yourself).

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That is a fantastic idea, but how do you make them yourself???
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"Taggies" pillow?

It's just folded over ribbon arund the edges of a pillow. When I made one for DD I put jingle bells inside a sewn fabric pouch inside the pillow.


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That is a fantastic idea, but how do you make them yourself???
Most of us buy blanks (Dharma Trading is a good source. Look for the Habotai silk scarves) and dye them ourselves. They're about $3 each, and you can use lots of things to dye them. Check out the playsilk thread here on the Toys and Dolls board.
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Super simple and well loved by every toddler who has seen them:
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