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My niece, JE, is turning 4 years on Sunday, and I haven't got a present for her yet!<br><br>
My DD, who is just over 4, has recently showed a keen interest in knitting (I haven't knitted in months, but she does remember me knitting). I am currently learning finger knitting so I can teach her, but I also wanted to encourge her interest through some DIY tools that we can make together. I think some homemade knitting tools would be great for JE's birthday present!<br><br>
I was thinking a wood corker/spool (with just 4 pegs) and a peg loom would cover us well for presents. I would also like to include a printed booklet on how to use the tools, from realiable info. online. I will show her how to use them though at the b'day.<br><br>
So, has anyone found great instructions for homemade tools like these? I want them to look pretty, not just a bunch of nails hammed in to a spool and a piece of wood or something (though I think those are perfectly practical, I know my IL's will think of us as cheap asses <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol">)
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