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homemade soap...kind of

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I bought some plain glycerin bar soap at the Health Food Store and decided I wanted to add calendula oil to it for dd's diaper redness. So I melted it w/olive oil in a dbl boiler and added the calendula oil. The I poured it in a mold and let it harden. Do you think that it is ok to use on her? I know that glycerin soap is good to use....but now I am paranoid that by re-heating it I have caused some sort of crazy molecular weirdness...
: hey, I'm no scientist...I'm an opera singer
: what do you mama's think? Is it ok? Is it wonderful??
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I'm not a soap maker, but based on my understanding of things, that's essentially what melt & pour soap is, glycerine soap that you melt & add stuff to. Since you just added oil to it, you should be fine (adding things like water can cause issues if you add too much because of bacteria concerns). So no, I don't think it did anything to alter the original soap.

Add essential oils to the end of the boiling process (as it's still gloopy and cooling down) or else the essential oils will evaporate (and herbs will be cooked).

Some glycerin soaps can be drying - so if your child's skin starts feeling dry, add more moisturizing ingredients or stop using the glycerin soap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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