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Homeopathic Nosodes

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I took my daughter to a classic homeopathy practitioner in Jan. 2002. After a very long interview and observation of Zoe in the practitioner's home, she prescribed Medorrhinum.

When DH found out what it was, gonorhea, he about hit the ceiling. He refused to agree to let her take it.

He did a lot of research on the internet and his main objections had to do w/homeopathy being banned in France, and an MD's website calling it quackery.

I just started reading "Ritalin Free Kids" and got tired of the intro info, skipped to the cases that were treated w/Medorrihinum, and they sound an awful lot like my daughter!!!

I am so sad. Is there any possible way in which my daughter could be harmed by this remedy? Is there any info at all out there that might help DH believe this remedy harmless and may actually help Zoe?

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Dear TIA,

you do NOT have to be afraid to give that remedy to your daughter! In fact there are MANY homeopathic remedies like that! Homeopathy remedies are made from Plants, animals (or their parts or their secretion (snakes poisons), minerals, and others.

For example: VIPERA, LACHESIS, BOTHROPS are all snake poisons.

Phosphoricum Acidum is very dangerous acid.
They are even remedies made from vaccines such as V.A.B.

Or Arsenicum Album is Arsenic - one of the worse poisons

MERCURIUS SOLUBILI - one of the most common remedies in homeopathy, again, poison.

That is the whole point of homeopathy - similar treats similar. The trick is potency. Homeopathic remedies are diluted so many times that one granule does not even contain one molecule of whatever it was made from. I know - now you are asking - so how does it work? It does not contain even one molecule but it has the most important thing - it carries the information that the body is missing. By taking the remedy your body (immune system) will recieve an information on HOW to heal itself! Unlike alopathy (traditional drugs) that ONLY supresses symptoms, homeopthy shows your body how to help itself without ANY side effects and harmful chemicals.
In homeopathy is very important what dilution you are using.

This is from my book about homeopathy:

The principle of similars
The modus operandi of homeopathy is simply to match the symptoms of the remedy with the symptoms of the patient. This is so-called "Principle of similars" expresses a profound truth about how biological and psychological healing really works. Any substance will cure those symptoms when given in excess, yet the same substance will cure those symptoms when given to a sick person. This is because symptoms are an expression of self-healing, rather that an expresion of a disease per se.

I will give you great example: onion - when you cut or eat onion your eyes are crying, you are sneezing and have runny nose. Remedy made from onion - ALIUM CEPA is given to a person with the exact same symptoms when having cold - runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. Got it? It's GREAT! I love homeopathy!

I hope I was somewhat helpful. So, do not be afraid to give it to your daughter. That is the magic of homeopathy - it do NO harm. If the remedy was not chosen correctly, it willsimply do NOTHING. If it does not help (wrong choice of remedy) it does not harm either. No matter what it is made from.

Boiron is French company that makes in my opinion the best homeopathic remedies. Here is link you will find EVERY possible info about homeopathy in there. Plus DEMO on how homeopathic remedies are being made.
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