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homeopathics for morning sickness

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I am 9 wks pg right now. I've had morning sickness almost constantly for the past 4 weeks and am having trouble coping. I'd like to try some homeopathics, but I have never used them before and don't really know where to begin.

Please, if anybody has any knowledge, share it with me! I probably have 4 more weeks of this to go and I don't know how I'm going to be able to deal with it.

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I don't know too much about homeopathy but ginger helped me alot. I had awful ms with my 2nd pregnancy. I would drink ginger tea and that helped settle my stomach. Good luck!
I only wish I had discovered homeopathy when I was pg! It has helped my whole family so much in the few short months that we've been using it.

Finding the right remedy is the key. And unfortunately that is also the hard part. I would recommend Miranda Castro's book. I don't own this one, but I do have another one of hers and it is very helpful. You can also look online by searching "homeopathy pregnancy" or "homeopathy morning sickness" and see if there is a remedy that obviously fits all your symptoms. You have to be sure and include your emotional/ mental symptoms as well as physical ones. Also consider general things about the way you're feeling (lack of thirst, nausea in afternoon, etc).

nox voxium (I know that I am spelling this wrong) is the usual one recommended
I'm a student of homeopathy, but off the top of my head I can't think of a remedy. It probably needs to be individualised anyway.

I'd recommend going to see a homeopathy. Or else you can pm me with the symptoms and I'll have a go.

A good website on homeopathy:

What I do think is that ms is your body trying to detox itself in order to have a really pure baby. This is a theory in holistic medical circles, which I believe makes a lot of sense. However I am sure it can be modified, supported and made much more bearable. The body sometimes overdoes things.

To support: I would recommend laying off all dairy prod.s. That would support the liver and help make it more efficient. Don't worry about the calcium levels. Contrary to industry propaganda dairy is not good at giving us calcium. It is the calcium inhibitors like caffeine, alcohol, and fizzy drinks and tea that are the real enemies.

Eat real healthy organic food, plenty of salads and vege stews. Not too much bread.

Well, that's just a start.
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