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Hi guys...

I am trying to get a good first aid kit together and was looking into some homeopathic remedies. What are the most commonly used ones, and is it wise to get some to have on hand? Or should you buy them "fresh" ? Do they loose their potency after a while? Like say, after 2 years or so?

Also, would like to know if there is anything for a first aid kit that you ladies feel is essential and you couldn't live without?

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Homeopathic remedies are good forever if stored properly (in a cool dry place). When you buy them they do have an exp. date - but just ignore it. It is an FDA regulation that it be included, but it is meaningless.

Here is the kit that I have and it has been worth every penny:

It will save you money in the long run to get a kit up front rather than running to the store everytime you need a remedy. In addition, when you are first learning to prescribe you'll be wrong frequently (well, if you're anything like me you will lol), and then you'll have to run to the store several times per illness.

If money is an issue, though, I'd definitely recommend buying (the first 5 especially):

kali bichrom

Definitely get a good book, too, to help you prescribe more effectively. Good luck!
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