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Homeschooing video on

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If you go to, and go to the education section, they have a video titled 'More African-Americans Choose Homeschooing'. I haven't viewed it yet, I always have problems w/ the cnn videos, argh!
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If anyone can view the video, could you give a synopsis. I'm not able to view it for some reason but I'm very interested in what it has to say. Thanks!
Super-quick summary: African-America parents who homeschool beleive their kids will learn more at home than at school.

Different reasons to choose to homeschool.
*fear of violence
*wanting to teach their kids more about AA history than is taught in schools
*think parents can do better job

Huge increase in HS in the past few years, more anglo than african-am homeschooled students.

NEA dude says parents should work to make public schools better, not take out their kids altogether.

That's what I can rememebr off the top of my head. Thanks for the link!

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I saw part of it and was going 'yup yup' to many of the reasons why African Americans homeschool. I could give basically the same answers and I bet most hs'ers would say about the same.(oh and I'm caucasian)

There was something that was said that I didn't like. The video was talking about how 'official' educators thought parents should have better things to do w/ their time.
Interesting. None of the parents they showed gave any reasons for hs than anyone else of any ethnicity would have, so I don't know why they made it an ethnic-specific issue. If they *were* going to talk about hs as a racial issue, they should have mentioned the fact that the original purpose of pre-school/Head Start was to take specifically African-American children away from the influence of their parents--not even to teach them anything, but to *get them away* from their parents' perceived "inferior" culture (Head Start advocates openly admit this). I guess that would be too controversial.

Also, is there some secret law somewhere that *every* mainstream news report about hs'ing or private schooling trends must have a professional educator saying that instead of pulling their kids, parents should be trying to change the system from within? I hear this *so often* from my friends and relatives who like to think of themselves as progressive, it drives me up a wall! Maybe, *maybe* that would work for the people who don't like ps for safety reasons, or don't agree with the curriculum, or something, but it's absolutely meaningless for hs'ers like me who are philosophically opposed to the *concept* of schools. There is just such a fundamental disconnect--to me it's like saying, "instead of trying to protect yourself from organized crime, why don't you join the mafia and change it from within?"

The parents they profiled seemed to be school-at-home types, complete with chalkboard. It would be nice if they showed some unschoolers or eclectic schoolers for a change, although there might have been some selective editing going on. And why on earth did they end the clip with the family praying at the table? Oh, right, all hs'ers are dangerous Christians bent on world domination. Run for the hills, it's people praying and raising their children without state interference! The republic is surely in jeopardy

They do get credit for not mentioning socialization, state curriculum, or parents being unqualified.
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Originally Posted by blbcHelvsme
There was something that was said that I didn't like. The video was talking about how 'official' educators thought parents should have better things to do w/ their time.
Wow, so if someone teaches other people's kids, they have a profession that is generally viewed as a worthwhile contribution to society, but if someone teaches their own kids, that's completely different?

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