Manufacturers and MKS Enterprise, LLC., are voluntarily recalling certain honey products of theirs after the Food and Drug Administration confirmed undisclosed Viagra and Cialis in them.

While there are various uses for both Cialis and Viagra, they are FDA-approved and mainly associated with treating erectile dysfunction.

On July 13, voluntarily recalled the Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP. Sold and promoted for sexual enhancement on various websites, the FDA noted that it failed to disclose the honey product contained Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in the FDA-approved prescription drug Viagra. The product contained 12 sachets of 20 grams of honey.

Following that voluntary recall, MKS Enterprise, LLC. recalled its Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey product because it received the FDA's non-disclosure notice. The recall was initiated after FDA lab analysis confirmed that the product contained the active pharmaceutical ingredient Tadalafil but had not disclosed that ingredient.

The FDA issued warning notices to four companies selling honey-based supplements that claimed to enhance sexual activity, as it found Tadalafil and Sildenafil in the honey products, and the ingredients, which are only available by prescription, were not listed on any labels.

Dr. Judy McMeekin is the FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs. In a release, she said,
"Tainted honey-based products like these are dangerous because consumers are likely unaware of the risks associated with the hidden prescription drug ingredients in these products and how they may interact with other drugs and supplements they may take. Products marketed with unidentified ingredients may be dangerous and, in some cases, deadly to consumers. We encourage consumers to remain vigilant when shopping online or in stores to avoid purchasing products that put their health at risk, and instead seek effective, FDA-approved treatments."
Thirstyrun, LLC. (which is also known as US Royal Honey LLC) and 1am USA Incorporated (DBA Pleasure Products USA) also received notices about how selling active drug ingredients in products like honey violated federal law. Both Tadalafil and Sildenafil are FDA-approved drugs but they're restricted to be used under the care of licensed healthcare professionals.