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Honoring our losses

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We had several losses this month but they aren't on our roster. I would like something that says always remembered or in our hearts etc to honor all the babies that didn't make it.
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I've seen it done on the other DDC and agree w you!
OP, I think that is a wonderful idea!
Hear hear!
I agree, wonderful idea!
Great idea, as long as the women involved don't mind. When I had my m/c, I didn't want to be included in any kind of loss thread. I think probably most people would, but loss is such an individual thing. It's best to ask.
I agree--a lovely gesture as long as those honored are comfortable.
I made a list of the losses I saw from the roster thread and from people posting. Most other groups have it listed on their roster. Do you think people would mine if it is on the roster not a seperate thread?
If it was me, I'd prefer it in the roster thread, but I guess everyone is different...
I think roster thread would be best as well.
I vote for the roster thread. I like this idea too btw.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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