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Hello ladies. It sounds like you all (throughout FL) are some wonderful people from what I've been able to glean from the threads I've read in the last couple of days! I'm hopeful that I might meet some of you andthat we might become great friends.

My DH and I are sure that we are moving to the area comprised of Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, Daytona, Bunnell, etc... but we're not sure where we will be exactly. You see, the forces of the universe/God (however you prefer to think of it) have brought things in such alignment as to directly point us to a move into the area I've described. While I know that the timeframe of that same force/God is not the same as my own, I also believe that when given guidance, it is up to me to put some work in. As in: pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on me!

Ok, so this is getting long. I appologize and hope you will bear with me!

I've been researching online for jobs for DH, as he is our family's breadwinner, but I've felt discouraged because it seems the work he does isn't well listed even though we know from contacts in the area that it's very much available and even in need. DH is a chef. He's completed his culinary (2year) degree and has worked in the field for almost 3 years (but cooked all his life). For the last year he's been working in management within the kitchen (Sous Chef and Executive Chef positions). So, we're looking for a position that will enable him to use his skill (he's extremely skilled and gifted with food combinations and recipes) with food as well as management abilities.

So, here is my request for help: If you have any information that you think might help us, would you please PM me? (Information I can think of, but certainly is not limited to, are things like: actual jobs you may have heard of and listing services I may not be aware of - I've been sort of stuck in the newspapers and craigslist).

I sincerely appreciate the time you have spent reading through this post and will surely appreciate (at least doubly) any assistence you might offer!! Thank you, in advance!

ETA: I meant to write the NE portion of FL in my subject. Ugh!
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