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hoping to join.....

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I've been lurking for a little while, not really sure "where" I should join in...
I had my very 1st PPAF on 12/13 and was thrilled that we would be able to start trying again soon. DS is now 15 months, still nursing. DD is 3.

I didn't expect regular cycles right away (even posted about it somewhere on here)...and I'm quite certain that I o'd late (not charting yet)...because I do remember EWCM 1/2 through 1/5 at least. we also dtd 1/3 and 1/5.

I took a hpt (just for high hopes really) on 1/19 and got 2 faint positives on $ store brands, ran to the store and took 2 FRER and got 2 "not so faint" positives.

Went for early u/s today for dating, etc....only saw gestational sac and measured 5w4d. of course according to lmp I should be around 7 weeks but I really didnt' think that was accurate. They said we should re-do it in a week. Of course, I was hoping for a heartbeat today and was mostly disappointed.

I am really praying that it's because of the late ovulation....and hoping to join here - or even the Oct DDC. Looking at the calendar, that would mean that the tests I took were all positive 4 days before the anticipated AF. Anyone get +++ that early?

Just wanted to join somewhere where some other moms would understand my worries!

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Welcome! I think it's pretty normal to get + early. I don't usually test until I hit the two week mark, but I did with dd2 and got one at 10 days.

Well, I'm not following your dates. If you think you o'd around the 5th, then the 19th would have been 2 weeks later. You would be about 6 weeks today.

But don't worry about the u/s measuring you a bit behind that. It isn't an exact science. I mean, they put a dot at one end of a tiny blob, and then another at the other end, and then they hit "compute". The computer measures the distance, and spits out a number based on averages. If the tech put the mark just a little higher, you could be measuring ahead.

So, if you figured you o'd on the 5th, then your adjusted LMP would be December 23. Which makes you due September 27th or 28th, depending on how you count a completed week.
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the numbers work out, if you Oed on 1/6... you would be 5w6d today (and even an early u/s can be off by a couple days, our little beans do not grow exactly on average) and testing bfp at 13dpo (the 19th, if you Oed on the 6th... and should have only been 1 day before anticipated AF according to FRER tests... as they think all women get AF on 14dpo) is totally normal! FRER are designed to start picking up hormones as early as 10dpo... so a dark positive by 13dpo is grand!

I think you are measuring and testing exactly where you should be and embrace your EDD of september 29th
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Thank you ladies for responding! I really want to have hope.....I am very fearful of hearing that awful term "blighted ovum". I did have 2 losses before I had my beautiful children. Of course, like everyone else, I dont want to go down that path again.

Mathematically, I can see it making sense....I think I'm a tiny bit nervous because I had some cramping, twinges, etc....but then it stopped. The only think I feel is "tired". But I have a toddler who gets me up several times a night, so I'm always tired!!

I'll be hanging around and try to stay positive!

Thanks again !
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