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Hoping to move from L.A. to Austin
This is only my second post, but I love MDC and hope to connect with and/or get some info from you great mamas about Austin and the AP community there.
I have family in South Austin and Georgetown and have loved visiting there. Where we live now in L.A. is lots of fun but TERRIBLY expensive and my poor husband is overworked and underappreciated! It's quite a struggle to stay afloat and we would love to be in a more relaxed, peaceful city and spend more time together as a family! We are fully AP...tandem nursing, co-sleeping (yep-all five of us!), no-circ, GD, etc...and I do have the support of fellow-APers here (my kids attend an AWESOME co-op preschool that we love). From what I've read on these boards it sounds like there is a great community of parents with these same beliefs in the Austin area. My biggest fear is making the move but being bored and lonely (and going nuts with three kids in the house all day) when we are used to being out and about and not shunned for our not-exactly mainstream practices! Is there a lot for us SAHM's to do in and around Austin?? I would also hope to find schools (especially co-ops) that support the teachings of Faber, Kohn, etc. Any feedback would be much appreciated and I look forward to getting connected with some of you when we visit this summer!!
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