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Hoping to move to Holliston

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Are there any mamas out that way? I've got a 29 month old dd, we're looking to move to Holliston in the next few months. . .
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Holliston is a beautiful town, but also very expensive. DD's grandparents live there. I am not too far away in Northboro, but not for much longer, as we are moving soon. I'm not sure about how many AP mama's there are in the town because I have never come across one while at the local parks and such. It is a great town to raise a family.
Hi there,

I live in Medway, near the Holliston border. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you need a friend. I have a 26 month old son, and a 7 month old daughter.

Take good care,
Thanks Rhonda

Once the whole selling and buying of house nonsense stuff gets sorted out I'll send you an email. Maybe once I get settled we could meet at Stoddard Park or somewhere!

I grew-up in Holliston. My parents and brother are still there. My dad owned a business in town for 30+ years and still works in town. My Mom works downtown. Basically, they are townies.

What can I answer for you?

Only 1 chain has been allowed in town (D&D ~ it was a BIG deal)
A bikepath is coming soon
No supermarkets (all located just over the town borders)
I got a pretty good eduation and college was a breeze
Public schools offer Montessori, Spanish Imersion and French Imersion
Great playground downtown
Talk of sewer coming soon
Have their own homeschooling group
Community theater
Great craft fair ever November?Festivals year-around
A little ride to the highway
Town Lake (don't know the water quality)
Great children's library

What else can I answer for you? Neighborhoods? Where to go?

Best of luck!
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