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Hoppidez Wrap FSOT

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I have a lusciously soft Hoppidez wrap in the Havana colorway FSOT pics here:

It measures 5m. The colors just aren't me, and I'd really like to fund a summer-y wrap! I'd like $75 ppd, or full/partial trade for: GM BBB in Morgaine, 5y, BB-slen blackberry grey 4.9m, Easycare #10 4.9m
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I have a wrap from the same company in a different colourway. It's wonderful, and I definately recommend them for the beginner wrapper like myself. The stripes aid in guaging the tension as you secure baby in the wrap, and they help in preventing twisting (since you can tell by the colour progression if you've twisted somewhere while typing).

Definately a cold/cool weather wrap, though it has good airflow.

kofduke perhaps you can sell this on the if no one takes it here.
Thanks, Siana, I do have it posted there too!
bump for this great wrap!
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