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Hormonal tests for miscarriage - please help?

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Hi ladies, I really appreciate any help anyone can offer on this:

DH and I just suffered our second m/c at 11 1/2 weeks. From the U/S, it looked like the baby was only ~8 weeks along. We lost our first child at ~ 7 weeks. We have a meeting with our midwife and an OB specialist tomorrow to talk about proceeding with ttc, and I'm a little anxious that they're going to treat us like "Well, you've only had 2, it's not really recurrent yet". I'd like to have some info and advice before I even go in.

The thing I'm worried about is that I have severe adult acne, seemingly the type associated with hormonal issues (along chin and jawline). In doing some of the research, I want to bring up with the docs the possibility of polycycstic ovarian syndrom and just general hormonal imbalances. Anyone have any advice or experience with addressing these types of issues, especially with miscarriages? The acne is the ONLY symptom of the PCOS that I exhibit - periods are as regular as clockwork, and I don't have any issues with facial hair or other things like that. I'm feeling so scared because it seems that the treatments for dealing with hormonal issues is to go on birth control pills, which is obviously counter to our goals right now

I have a strong feeling that they are related, but need some help with ascertaining it and having an idea of how they test and treat it.
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I have no experience in this area (hormones related to m/c). But if your instinct is telling you something, then I say listen to it.
's, mama, and I hope that you get some answers at your apt.
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