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Hospital soon!

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I've been prisoner at the hospital since Wednesday evening. I came to an appointment and we talked about me coming in next week Tuesday -36 weeks - to remove the stitch and get things going....then they checked my blood pressure as I was getting ready to leave. It was sky high. So they escorted me over to labor and delivery and are holding me here until baby comes. My blood pressure remains pretty high, but not enough that baby needs to come out right away. But if that changes they could get baby out in a hurry.

The plan is for them to remove the stitch (cerclage) on Monday and if no baby by Tuesday morning to induce. So, likely by next Wednesday (at the latest) new baby should be here. Then hopefully baby's surgery will be done by next weekend. I'm not thrilled to be here, but at least there is an end in sight! At least until we move onto the next phase of this adventure...I'm not looking forward to new babe having surgery either =(

I had not thought too much of going through labor......until I've had the pleasure of listening to some "screamers" here. Good heavens!!! Thankfully I'm not too worried about labor, after everything we've been through I can handle whatever gets thrown my way! I guess there is another mom on bedrest in the room next to me that has been freaking out a bit with all the vocal ladies here!

So I'll have to let you know!
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Wow -- sounds like your adventure is really getting started now!!! I'm sorry you're trapped in the hospital, but also glad to know you're in a safe place, and that before long you'll be giving birth and seeing your little one.

Thinking of you and the likely-very-first-Octobabe!
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blessings to you and i hope you get a bit of a break and some peace and quiet over the weekend.
Oh, good luck & please keep us posted. I'm very excited for you that you'll have your baby so soon! I hope everything goes well!
OMG joann!!! sending you lots of hugs and happy thoughts. i kwym about the screaming and it is a bit unnerving. i didn't really scream during labor, just did a few grunts and it is really scary to hear women hollering like crazy! i also remember the babies crying once i was put in antepartem.

i do hope your baby is a healthy one and that the surgery goes well! please know you are in my thoughts. lots of love and hope!
Good luck with everything!!!! keep us posted.
Best of luck with everything....please keep us updated about how everything goes. I especially am thinking good thoughts for the baby once he/she is born. Take care and try to get some rest. Can you ask for some ear plugs??
Oh WOW! Baby so soon. I hope it all goes smoothly and
about the baby's surgery. That would be a little worrisome to me, too, but I'm sure the baby is in very good hands. Keep us posted! Good luck!
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WOW! Good luck with the birth and surgery! Hopefully once the cerclage comes out bubs will hurry on out!
to you. What's the surgery for?
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: Hope that everything goes well on Monday and that you're feeling ok!!!
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Baby has what they think is a duodenal atresia, where that part of the intestines does not connect. So babe will need surgery 24-48 hours after birth and be in the hospital for 3-4 weeks. Baby won't be able to take anything by mouth for 7-20 days or so and will be fed by IV. I don't want baby to have to go through this, but am anxious to get it over with and move on toward getting home!!
Oh my gosh! I'm thinking of you, your family and LO. I hope your upcoming delivery and the baby's surgery goes well!
Hope everything goes well!!! You might have the first Oct babe!!!
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Best wishes to you and your family!
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I'll be thinking of you & your baby today and over the next week. I hope that things are happening for you and all outcomes will be good!
Thinking of you and your family!! Keep us posted on how everything goes!
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