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Hospital-based midwives in northern NJ?

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I had a wonderful home birth, and loved my midwife. However, I can't go through the insurance nightmare again, and have landed on a hospital birth. However, I don't know if I can take it if I can't have certain requirements met. I'm looking for a midwife (& hospital) near Edgewater, NJ where I can do the following:
  1. have a waterbirth if I chose
  2. not be hooked up to a monitor (intermittent hand-held only)
  3. not be hooked up to an IV
  4. allowed to move wherever I want during labor
  5. allowed to birth in a natural position (standing or on all fours, etc)
  6. don't want my water broken or an episiotomy
  7. want my child to room-in
  8. low lighting (if I chose)
  9. allowed to eat/drink
Is this even possible in a hospital?

I liked what I saw with Hackettstown Midwives, but they're an hour away. I only labored for 6 hours with my first, so I don't know if I'll have the time for a trip like that.


Thank you so much!!
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Thank you so much - I'll give them a call!
Tiffany, I am going to move this to your tribal area, where you may even get more suggestions!
Oh great, thank you so much Courtenay!
Childbirth Center- Fort Lee

Avalon Midwives- Morristown

Good Luck!
I delivered with Avalon Midwives at Morristown Hospital.

Great hospital..... I was happy with the pre-natal care with the midwives. There were 3 when I was pregnant but I think they just added a fourth. Wasn't fond of one of the midwives in particular.... but that's just because she gave me a hard time about my weight gain...

There's only 2 birthing pools at Morristown... and they're first come first serve. I wasn't able to get into one for that reason.
As long as your midwife is with you you can do intermittent monitoring and you can also have a hep-lock (instead of an IV) unless you need AB for GBS or something like that.
I moved freely during labor... but I'm not sure about delivery positions (I can't see that being a problem though).
I did not have an episiotomy.
I roomed in with my son.
I had snacks and drinks (with the permission of my midwife).

I labored overnight at home and went into the hospital at around 3:30pm and delivered at 11:30pm.

I'll be going back to Avalon for my next pregnancy/birth (which wont be for a few more years).

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Lonnie Morris, CNM at Pascack Valley Hospital
Englewood, NJ
2 things on Lonnie Morris/Childbirth Center
-You can labor in the water, but she is not supportive of water birth
-They are in transition relative to hospitals right now - No longer delivering at Palisades Medical center. Moved to St mary's in Passaic - not friendly to any of the things you're looking for. Said she is in the process of getting privileges at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, which is more natural birth friendly.

I transferred my care from Lonnie at 36 weeks (now 41) because of all the hospital upheaval - otherwise happy with their care. Depending on when you're due, you may be able to get a better feel for where she'll be by then.

Just a heads up. . .
Thank you so much - Bonnie - where did you transfer your care? (PS - any day now - very excited for you!). My husband just said to me yesterday "you're psyching yourself up for a home birth again aren't you?" I may be - I had a great homebirth last time with Anne Margolis, and Palisades is 10 minutes away if need be.
sweet.p - pascack is closed....
Dr Winsome Parchment (an OB). She delivers at Overlook Hospital and Mountainside Hospital. She has a great rep for VBAC, and was one of the providers I considered, when I was first making my decision.
Thank you momma2be_k - really appreciate your input. I have a lot to digest. Still considering another homebirth, but if I do go the hospital route, I will definitely see Avalon midwives and see what I think.
Anyone looking for amazing Midwives in Northern NJ....Hackettstown Midwives are the BEST!!! They deliver at Morristown and also do homebirths.
We just had a wonderful homebirth with Judy Ann Hagan CNM gave us a birth tub to use for free as well as brought another midwife to help out at the birth. Teresa Fischer (973-229-2566) was our childbirth educator and doula and she was great. She is also an amazing photographer and put a beautiful slide show together of the pictures she took during the labor and at the birth. It is something we will always treasure... My husband was originally skeptical about having the baby at home but he really was impressed by the care that Judy took. He was also more comfortable with a CNM because he wanted someone who had a medical background and more experience. He was also excited because he helped catch the baby! A great experience all around......
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Hi Tiffany, I was getting ready to post an almost identical post to yours. I'm living in Edgewater, NJ and leaning towards a hospital birth with my third. My first was an awesome homebirth in Florida, my 2nd and awesome induced hospital birth with amazing homebirth midwives in Long Island. Now I'm here in Edgewater and pregnant with number 3. I had a liver disorder with my second pregnancy which is why i ended up in the hospital rather than home. Other than pitocin (sp?), I had a completely natural birth at the hospital. There is a fairly good chance I'll have to go the hospital route again so I just want plan for that this time. I'm curious who you ended up using and where you ended up giving birth.

Thanks in advance for sharing any info you are willing to share.

Take Care,

Hi, Although she is not a midwife, check out Dr. Judy Banks... I had a terrific unmedicated twin birth with her a few years back, and was recently at a waterbirth VBAC with her. Only good things to say!
As I posted above...Hackettstown Midwives / Midwives of NJ are the absolute BEST. I had the most amazing water birth with them at Morristown in 2011. Avalon is supposed to be good but gets mixed reviews. I delivered my twins naturally (no meds, no IV, nothing) at Morristown with Dr. Judy Banks 2.5 months ago (given it was high risk, i needed a doctor and Garfinkle...the backup for Hackettstown isn't very naturally inclined). The entire process was great and I was discharged 12 hours after birth with the babies! Banks is also wonderful.

Keep i mind that the hospital is just as important as the provider you go they set the tone, rules, etc. I have only the nicest things to say about Morristown. They are as "accepting/supportive" of naturally leaning mom's / births as one could dream of from a hospital.

Best of luck!
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