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HI All,

Ok, so I'm at a loose end as to what to pack,

I really hate the idea of going shop to shop looking for all these items on lists that the midwives have given me. Someone mentioned to me that Luxury Labour Co. do a pre-packed hospital bag or "Mama Bag", has anyone bought one before? is it too good to be true?
By my rough calculations it seems to be cheaper than buying all that stuff myself, but then again not sure if I need everything or not.

The whole idea of packing the bag is becoming a pressure point for me, and Im like almost afraid to look at the list! So I'm a bit tempted to buy the Deluxe Mama plus a baby bag (mostly cause that one is super cute) , maybe I need the nursing bra..........or do I!! Help! to buy or not to buy! my mind is like mush at the moment!
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