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Hospital Recommendations? (Twin Cities)

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I was hoping to pick your brains about good hospitals to birth at in the Twin Cities. I had my DS in June '03 at Methodist with the CNM's. I liked it there okay. I had a pretty good experience, but I think it was in large part because I was prepared, knew what I wanted... and was lucky enough to have an uncomplicated delivery so no interventions were needed. The think I didn't like about Methodist is that you never knew which MW you were going to get, and some of them were better than others.

I am TTC #2 now, and was thinking that this will be the time to switch providers. I would love to go to Woodwinds and possibly do a water birth, but I think Woodbury would be too much of a drive for us from MPLS. St. Louis Park was enough of a drive at 9 cm thankyouverymuch!!!

So were there any hospitals you loved (or hated)? I guess I'm just looking for someplace that may have waterbirths available, is supportive of natural childbirth, and supports breastfeeding.

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We actually had a great experience at Fairview Riverside. The lactation consulatants were great, so were the nurses. We had our GP deliver our son and had a doula with. The whole experience was excellent!! I don't think they have waterbirth, but I did labor in the tub.
Well, contrary to popular belief, I had nothing but good experiences at Abbott.
I really think it depends who your care provider is. My OB pretty much "lets" me do things my way. They have tubs, too, though I don't think you can birth in them.
I think HCMC has a decent midwives program, but I may need some back-up on that.
I had a homebirth, but I was planning on St Joe's if Peter had waited another day and I'd had to be induced (he was born at 42w2d). They allow waterbirths and have the telemetry dealies that mean you can walk around even if induced--and the folks there encourage it. My family practitioner back-up doc has priviledges at 3 hospitals and she highly recommended St Joe's if you're hoping for natural birth.
I had both of mine at HCMC. And they were both supposed to be water births, but happened too quickly!! I used the Midwife clinic at the hospital and I thought the prenatal visits were great. For me, since the actual birth went quickly, the nurses were what made the difference. For my 1st, we hated the nurse, but we had an awesome one for our 2nd.
DS was born in NY, but DD was born at methodist.
i liked the privacy that i had and also our nurse was great!!
good luck!
Oh yeah, I forgot that was the nice thing about HCMC too. You labor, deliver and post-partum in the same private room. Although, now they have a new waterbirthing tub that has to stay in one room - so if you use it, you switch rooms after the birth. I think some of the Midwife rooms even have double beds, but I never managed to end up with one.
I am not sure if this would be to far for you but Ridgeview Hospital in Waconia has MW on staff and they are days away from having their water birth cert!!! They currently have 2 portable tubs for laboring in. My clinic is Western OB/GYN and they have 3 CNM. One was hired right after my son was born and she had previously worked for a waterbirthing hospital (I am not sure where)!! Anyway, thats my plan!

The main drawback is that it is a small Hosp and some of the rooms unfortunately are made to double up, thank god i didn't with ds!! My husband got the other bed!
I know three women from the Eden Prairie LLL group that all delivered at Waconia and they really liked it. Plus I was born there
Two of them actually ended up being roommates - the four of us were due within a week of each other!
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Had mine at North Memorial. I got offered Percocet for the C-section pain a gazillion times and it made me so loopy I couldn't enjoy spending time with my daughter. In fact, I had her at 5:08 and didn't get to even see or touch her until 7 p.m.
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I had both my boyz at Fairview Riverside. I had a good experiance with both, even though I ended up with a C-section with my first. With him I had the only MALE nurse mid-wife in the area. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, how can a guy be a mid-wife!? He's really very good. When I had my second almost 4 years later, he must have saw my name and came by just to see how I was doing, even though he was not scheduled at the time. I think he was just getting off of work.
The second was a V-bac. I remember the nurse as being an older women who had seem to have been doing this a while. Nothing phased her. She was also very funny but knew how to do her job.
As far as I know, no waterbirthing there yet. Good luck!
I went to Waconia with dd. We drove way out to the middle of nowhere to go there but it was worth it. (
to all people who live near there)

I loved my midwife, the experience etc. They paid attention to what I wanted and it was a comfortable experience. I also go to the clinic for my annual check-ups etc and use the same midwife who assisted with dd's delivery.

I did end up with the midwife I had been seeing for check-ups for delivery. I do not think that this is always the case, however, the only have three midwives (two when I first started)n and you can see them all. I liked all of them but one was my favorite and I was glad I got her.

The hospital itself is fairly old and they are updating. I was more concerned with my midwife, birth experience etc than the room I would stay in after.

Also, my dd was in the nursery for part of one night. (I had some complications and dh had left.) She was the only baby there (lots of rooming in!) and the nurses wheeled her around with them so she wouldn't be lonely.

I have no experience with the breastfeeding support staff etc as I did not use them. (thankfully dd knew more than I did in this department)

If you are interested feel free to pm for details, names etc.
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I had both of mine at united childrens. basic births for me (didnt know about waterbiths then so I am not sure if they do them)

With dd they basicly left me alone after the birth (dont know if they were under staffed or if it was because I was a second time mom)

Ellie (? think thats he name) from there lactation department is the best.
helped me so much with ds and I loved her spunky personality with dd also.
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HCMC has waterbirth and is right downtown Mpls. They have good CNM's from all of the births I have attended there.

Woodwinds and Saint Joe's have waterbirth. That would be with the Healtheast Midwifes...Woodwinds is a nicer place and is more open to the "birthing" feel. Not so hospitally.

You can also see the CNM's at the Kendall Center for Women, and have one of two CNMs, instead of 16...and give birth at either St Joe's (waterbirth) or St. Johns, which would be a hike for you and probably not worth it.

I would also consider going to a Childbirth Collective meeting, where you can talk one on one with doulas about different hospitals!

Good luck!
Ok--I had Seth at Woodwinds with midwives and really wish I would have gone to St Josephs instead. He was born at 36w2d accoring to u/s and 37w5d according to MY DATES. Nurse insisted that no waterbirth until 37wks according to ULTRASOUND. My nurse never checked me (only in labor 3hrs 6minutes total) and refused to call midwife. She didn't think I was in 'active labor'. I had to BEG to even get in the tub *because I'm having a preemie* UGGGHH!! Finally the student midwife was walking the halls and ran in, shoved her hand in while I was pushing and said, "she's pushing, she's complete, why didn't you call me??" I had seth 2 minutes later. The student delivered him and my midwife didn't even get there for another 20 minutes. After he was born they had this stupid *protocol* to check blood sugars on him *becuase he's a preemie* Ok, it came back 47...according to them TOO LOW. (I now found out that that's perfectly fine and most hospitals in the cities--other than the Health East ones--won't freak until 25. They tube fed him FORMULA because he's obviously (in their opinion) suffering from low blood sugar. This is all within 10 minutes of him being born. We fought with them for 3 days until I finally told them I was going home with my baby. My nurse threatened to call Social Services. During those 3 days, he had his heels poked 46 times to check his blood sugar and had a serum level out of his arms 14 times. He had so much formula at the hospital and I just cried the whole time. My midwives (the HealthEast woodbury midwives) ended up getting the stupid blood glucose protocol changed for full term babies (not under 37wks, unfortunately) as a result of my birth, but, I still had to have a crappy time when I really wanted an all-natural birth. I wish I would have just had him at home. I had my pediatrician review his records a few weeks AFTER the hospital crap and she agreed that it was totally unnecessary. They were even checking his blood sugars BEFORE he nursed, not 30-45 minutes AFTER like they're supposed to. I will definitely do a home birth before I go back there again.

I don't mean to be so negative, but, this experience is actually why I'm going to school for midwifery starting in spring. I plan to find a birth center or a couple other midwives and do birth center or home births. the protocol at some hospitals is rediculous.
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ok- here goes.

i had my son at hcmc. he was a preemie- just under 32 weeks. i can't give them enough credit. i had the midwives there in the beginning, and all through a rather rough pregnancy. even during delivery the one i had seen the most was there, holding my hand, with a doula, even though she was no longer my care provider. the ob that delivered him was awesome. she respected my wishes that i did not want an episiotmy, even when it was really apparent that his head was HUGE- he had encephalopoly (i know i spelled that wrong) and let me tear naturally so i would heal better. she also didn't give me an epidural- also my request- just something to take the edge off. alos- something i have since learned is rare in a pre-term labor- i didn't labor on my back. i was allowed to walk around, sit up, change positions. during his birth, i was encouraged to touch him while he was emerging and take part in every aspect. there were a ton of support staff available ther- a doula was made available which was a lifesaver for both me and my husband. we were also able to hold him right after birth despite his breathing problems and encouraged to do so as long as was deemed safe by the nicu staff in the room. that was probably the most important part to us.

you also asked about support for breast feeding. this is where i feel i can speak from real experience. if you have an early baby- this is the place to do it. as soon as i was up out of bed i was encouraged to pump. and was told i needed to pump every two hours around the clock. the hospital arranged for an electric pump for me and when our son was weaned from the respirator i was moved in to a room off the nicu and started to breastfeed exclusively. z never took a bottle. he nursed until he was 18 months old and i was almost 4 months pg with my daughter r. i can honestly say that we wouldn't have been able to do any of that if it hadn't been for the amazing support and experience of the staff at hcmc.

is that enough info?
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