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Originally Posted by hjshan
I really wish I felt more comfortable with homebirth - it really would be the best situation for my family and recovery. I just worry about the lack of medical backup, lack of options available at home (emergency supplies, pain control and monitoring) and lack of certified nurse-midwives in my area.
I hear you, and I would make this suggestion: Meet and talk with a non-nurse midwife. See what the vibe is that you get. I, too, had all of these preconceived notions about non-nurse midwives, but when I met them, I couldn't believe the amount of expertise these women had. It was awe-inspiring.

Also, if you want constant monitoring, perhaps the midwife can accomodate that. Some places (like a birthing center) do have the set up for that sort of thing, it's just that mamas who choose to have a BC or home birth don't want it. They may make considerations for you because this is a fear of yours.

I'd also second the traveling notion.

Good luck to you!
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