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Holly - I feel like I understand what you're saying, and where you're coming from. I'm uncomfortable with a homebirth as well, and live near a hospital that won't perform vbac. However, I am also against routine IV and constant monitoring. My compromise, that makes me comfortable, has been to find a birth center with cnms and non-cn midwives, where they have things like periodic monitoring and oxygen available, but I can have a drug-free waterbirth on my own schedule. It's VERY close to a major teaching hospital with 24 hour residents who could do an emergency c-section if the need occured. I am driving an hour to get there, for each visit and also for labor. As for changing care providers...I actually had NO prenatal care for the first 17 weeks, because I couldn't find anyone who would help me to vbac! And I refused to start seeing someone who would set me back up on the elective repeat course...::
::: Just food for thought - if there is a birth center anywhere around you, it might be a good middle ground for you. My midwife has attended over 10,000 births over the last 30 years, here and abroad - I really feel like she has got the knowledge and experience to recognize complications. I hope you come up with a good solution, for you.
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