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My first 2 were vaginal deliveries, my 3rd was a c-section. With my first 2, I was around 2 days later, with my 3rd, it was weeks until I was functional, months until I felt normal. If you're looking for an easier recovery, I'd def go for the vbac, however you need to.

As far as the hospital not allowing them, but your doc is willing to do them- why just not consent to the surgery- tell them that you willl sue if they come at you with a scapel and you're not consenting to surgery. Esp if you show up crowning, kwim? Hopsitals are very concerned about lawsuits, I'm assuming that's why they have a no vbac policy in the first place? If you're an L&D nurse, you should be able to figure out the loopholes, right?
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