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assuming that this unpleasant diagnosis refers to too thick or lacking mucus, or wrong ph I would think that the fertility classic Red Clover would be a good start. I think you can use throughout your cycle but you should check. You could also try green tea until ovulation. You could try guaifenesin extract. You could try raw carrots.
Make sure you drink a lot of water.
If your cycles are not regular, you could try vitex too.

You can also use "intimate moisturisers" such as pre-seed (check online for where to buy), or Replens (one midwife told me it's sperm friendly)

You can research ph issues. Normal sperm is alkaline (the opposite of acidic), about 7.5 is normal (neutral ph is 5.5, lower is aciditc). Some foods encourage neutral/alkaline ph, which is more sperm friendly. Most raw and natural foods do that (processed, greasy, salty foods make you acidic).

Last, I agree with AmyY, it's a pretty generic and uninformative diagnosis, you may want to ask for more info...

good luck

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