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I don't have a specific suggestion for herbs/natural solutions, but a great book recommendation that I think might give you some ideas. It's Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I particularly like her book because the descriptions of the female cycle are woman-centered and rename horrifying terms like "hostile cervical environment" into more accurate and truly descriptive phrases, depending on what is actually happening. That phrase is not, unfortunately, a clear diagnosis or even an accurate description of what might (or might not) be going on. No woman's cervix is hostile, that's just insane. However, that phrase is codified into medical terminology, so I totally understand your wanting to go another route to deal with it! Bleah!

Since you didn't describe the situation which led to your hearing you have this, it's possible that any number of solutions might work. For example, when I was told it was my problem, the ACTUAL problem was that I had been on Clomid (a fertility drug) so long that it dried up my cervical fluid and NOTHING could swim through there! Additionally, the post-coital test that was done to check it was done on the wrong day of the cycle, so there was no chance of getting an accurate, much less a positive reading.

I include my experience just to demonstrate that when one receives a "diagnosis" that in its very terminology is inaccurate and woman-hating (I forget the big word for that), looking for natural solutions is a great idea, and Toni's book is a great start if you don't have it yet.

Good luck!
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