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Hi there. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "hostile cervical environment" but I'm guessing that it's cm related. right?
I ttc'd for 20 mos before I got pg with ds. I am convinced that cm was the problem- I never got ewcm, or even close really. My doc said that it "is rarely the problem". Well ok, but if it's rarely the problem, doesn't that mean that sometimes it is?!? (sorry, I got into a rant there)
Anyways, what I did the month that I got pg:
I ate carrots like they were going out of style. I read that vitamin A really helps cm. (I only tried this for 2 of the 20 mos ttc)
I took Vitamin E pills. There are foods you can eat if you prefer not to take pills (I only did this for the same 2 mos ttc)
I did the robitussin thing- but I did that for many mos too.
I drank green tea, but this I also did for many many mos, and didn't see that it really made a difference. The only thing it really did was make me hate green tea

Also, from 7dpo to 14 dpo I ate a ton of pineapple. I read that it helps with implantation.
I don't know if any of this is true, speculation, old wives tales or what. But I figured that at least with the food items it couldn't hurt. kwim?
I did notice that the 2 months in a row that I ate carrots, took vitamin E, and took robitussin that my cm was better. not quite ewcm, but close. And that was when I got pg. So.....

I hope that some of this helps

Keagan 11 mos
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