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Hot chocolate recipe (and white sugar questions)

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I'm looking for a hot chocolate recipe with no cow milk and no white sugar. I tried yeterday using non fat powdered milk & sucanat in place of sugar, my ds and my nephews drank it, but I couldn't stomach it, the sucanat made it taste odd to me. Is Sucanat really any better than white sugar? What can I use in place of white sugar in dh's powdered drinks (ie. powerade powdered in a can; anything to get him from wanting soda!)? Is there anything that tastes like white sugar that I can use in cooking/hot chocolate etc.? We don't use a lot of sugar, but when we do I'd like to have it taste okay. Has anyone used Xylitol? I have the gum/toothpaste, was wondering if anyone here has cooked with it? What is the best option (besides no sweetener,lol)?
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I make mine w/coconut milk. Would that work for you?
I use Hershey's cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon and coco. milk. I do use about 1T of sugar but I bet you could up the cinnamon. Maybe add a bit of syrup or brown sugar?
I've made it with honey before. It's very sweet.

Is your powdered milk not cow's milk?

Oh, brown sugar is just white sugar mixed with molasses, so it might not be the substitute you are looking for. You could try making maple sugar. My mom made it once, it was very similar to brown sugar but much more tasty. It would be quite pricey though, especially if you aren't in a maple syrup area.

Hot cocoa made with coconut milk sounds delicious! And a good substitute if kids are stuffy in the winter but we still want a cup of cocoa.
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