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Hot Humid and nursing nonstop!

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Anyone got a sweaty baby who just won't let go if the breast? It's so hot and humid today, and I've pretty much been an endless fountain of breastmilk for dd. One benefit is that I've been able to pump and freeze for later, but man are my nipples sore and my lap sweaty!
We walked around town this afternoon, dd in a gauze sling, and I nursed pretty much the whole 2 hour walk. Whew!
Anyone wish to commiserate?
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Nope, sorry... I've been having to convince my hot sweaty baby that she's hungry the last few days.

Freeze some milk into ice cubes and put them in a mesh feeder. I haven't tried this yet, but I hear it's great for the babes. It might cool her down and give you a break.
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I hear ya! We had a garage sale today and were out in the heat most of the day. I gave dd LOTS of water, but she still wanted tons of mamamilk too.

DS always gets very clingy and wants to nurse a lot when it's so icky hot (gee - thanks!). I find it easier to nurse laying down on hot days, with a fan blowing over the two of us. It minimizes the sweaty baby syndrome!!!
FL mama here, so I feel the pain. Luckily we haven't been marathon nursing as of late, but I'm sure it's comming...........
I'm in cental Mass. and I hear ya!!! I love pp's idea of freezing milk in ice cube trays and putting it in a mesh feeder..... ds is teething so that will be great for him
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absolutely!!!!! i have my little hot water bottle (as we have come to refer to him) attached to me 24-7 the last few days - and it is soooooo humid! i have to keep reminding myself that i am drinking water nonstop bc i am so hot and miserable, that he needs to drink nonstop too. sometimes that helps.
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Yeah, that's how I see it too.
Today I put my little hot water bottle in the baby jogger, put the sling in the basket, and walked to church. I carried and nursed her in a sling at church, but strolled her home. It was just too hot. She seemed to enjoy the breeze and walk. I'm just glad she's not on a nursing strike due to the heat.
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My ds has been nursing nonstop for the last few days, especially at night! Last night was the worst-- our bedroom has no a/c, and I started feeling so hot and prickly and claustrophobic, I finally scooped him up and brought him downstairs where it's cooler. I plopped down in the recliner in front of the fan, and just let him nurse to his heart's content. I just can't imagine that it's pleasant for him to be latched on to me when I'm so sweaty and disgusting! And my nipples are so tired! Last night was the first time in 6 months I've considered giving him a bottle of ebm so I can have a break from nursing.

It's good to know I'm not alone.
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