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Hot wash or Warm acceptable?

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I recently switched my 13 month old ds to cloth. We are using Fuzzi Bunz, Bumkins, and Kushies. The fb's call for a wash in hot water, while the Bumkins and Kushies call for warm. I do not want to do some in hot, some in warm. That would just be a pain. So, will the dipes get clean enough in warm water, or do I "trash" the AIO's by washing them in hot?

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We use all aios and wash in hot. They've held up fine.

I've washed everything (all sorts of pockets, including FB, AIO's, everything) in COLD for five years (perhaps the reason they've lasted five years!) You should be fine with warm.
I have a front loading washer and have had no stink issues and little staining washing in very hot, but lots of stink problems and staining in cooler water. I wish I could wash in cold, but it doesn't cut it with my washer and hard water.
I only wash in warm, due to my confusing water and washer "issues." I've never had a problem. Before my washer issues I washed everything on hot and never had a problem with that either. I feel better washing in HOT water, but until this problem gets fixed warm has been just fine.
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