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hot water heater adjustment?

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I just got my stash of diapers (oh, I love them!) and have been turning my water heater up to high to wash my UBCPFs, as I plan to do when I'm washing dirty dipes. The water gets really hot, which is great for the dipes. BUT, I turn it down as soon as the load is done but the water stays scalding hot for a day! How do you adjust your water heater to get it really hot for the wash but not burning for people? Also, do you crank it up right before you wash, like before your cold rinse or do you do it sooner than that?

Thanks wise diaper mamas!
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What I used to do before we had a washer that heated it's own water was:

1. after everyone showers turn heater to max
2. ~30 minutes later run diaper wash
3. 30 minutes later turn down to regular heat.

That way the water heater only ever spend about an hour heating water to near boiling and the main wah got the brunt of the hot water out of the tank.

WE leave ours on the highest heat setting at all times. my hot water heater is in the garage and I do so much diaper laundry that I just leave it set and watch the water when i am making the kids bath.
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