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hot weather + fleece

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I've previously asked for help just in knowing where to begin and to check what I think will work.

I'm down to final decisions on the covers. I live where it's very hot and humid year round. I've learned that PUL is bad because to hot, so there goes the cheaper ProRap plans.

What about fleece? When I see that fleece is 100% polyester I cringe. We don't wear any polyester here, just cotton because the poly. is so dang hot! So what makes the fleece be cooler for a diaper cover? Would a CPF and then a fleece cover make it hotter? And how does it work? The PF stays wet and the cover keeps the wet in?

I'm leaning toward boring looking Polar Bummis (polar = hot to me!) or Tootle Shells. Any one have experience with the Tootle Shells? Are they too hot?
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In my experience:

PUL is not breathable, therefore it's hotter. However, you're not likely to have leaks.

Fleece is polyester but still breathable, therefore it's less hot than PUL. However, it is a much thicker material so it will be warm. It is subject to compression wicking (not good if your child will be sitting much).

Wool is breathable and a natural fabric, so it's much cooler all the way around. Also subject to compression leaking.

I live in a pretty hot & humid area, too ... not as bad as Bangkok, but the SE Georgia swamps have their moments.
In the summer around the house, dd goes topless & coverless ... just a snappied or pinned pf. IMO this is the coolest option of all, aside from naked (which we also do a little of every day!!). Next best, and what we do for trips into town, etc., is a cotton top, pf, and wool soaker. My mom made dd a few thin fleece wraps that she prefers to use, but I like the wool better. I also have some PUL wraps, but I just got them a few weeks ago. We haven't used them in really hot weather yet, so I'm not sure how we'll like them for that.

I hope that helps some.
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I second the wool!
Third hooray for the wool! I have one fleece that I hardly use b/c it seems so hot and is a bit bulky. We use wool every night! Check out Babyology on Ebay. She makes them and they are very similar to the all expensive, but great Aristocrat. Plus you can get them in colors.
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