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Hotel Living.. Need Food Ideas

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Next week my husband has to go out of town for work. The kids and I will be going with him. The kids and I will be at the hotel all day and we need meal ideas for breakfast and lunch. We will have an ice chest to keep things cold and I am thinking of buying an electric skillet to make grilled cheese.

When I try to make my list of meal ideas my mind draws a total blank.
All I can think of is grilled cheese and nut butter sandwiches. The city we are going to has a Whole Foods. I am super excited because we do not have one where we live and I have never been to one. So Whole Foods is where we will be buying our food for the week.

Help Please!
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How about a crockpot? Do you use one at home? You can make all kinds of meals in a crockpot, including stews, soups, pieces of meat, porridges, etc. If you don't use one, you could do a Google search for recipes, and to check out info on how easy to use they are. (You could take 2 crockpots and fill them up the night before, one with breakfast and one with lunch
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If you're gettin an electric skillet, you can use it just like your stove top. Warm up premade (either by you or WF) soups, chilis or stews, stir fry, etc. For breakfast, you can cook eggs on it, bacon, sausage, or make whole grains (oatmeal or the like).
You can call ahead and find out if there is a small fridge in the room. If there is tell them you need it emptied for storing breastmilk and that will give you more space to store things
Baked beans - eat cold or hot. My local WF sells some really yummy bean soups too.

Do you already have a rice cooker? You can make oatmeal, rice, or heat soups etc in it. No hot surface for kids to touch either.

WF has some yummy soups cup that you just add hot water to.
WF's hot roast chicken - just add a salad.

Whole Foods has lots of fresh, prepared foods so if money is no object, you could just buy your food pre-prepared.

Hotels don't normally like you cooking in your room so the smell of grilling bacon might get you into trouble.
Most hotels have at a minimum a breakfast bar with fruit and muffins. You can raid that for free fruit (unless you only eat organic) and juice and milk in the mornings. You can make fun fruit kabobs one day, bring a chopping board and knife, they should pack small enough.
You probably didn't get to choose which hotel you are staying at, but in the future you can look for those extended stay places that have kitchens in the room.

Originally Posted by Mountain Chick
How about a crockpot?
That is such a great idea. I am absolutely going to do that on our next trip. Cool!

We, too, are going to be spending a week in a hotel in the near future, and usually we just load up on the free breakfast buffet (and we insist on stay in a hotel that has a good one, with hot foods and with at least a mini-kitchen), carry some extra fruit, yogurt, make PBJ sandwiches and eat out, a lot.

When we go to a new city, we make sure to research the city well and have things to do every day, museums, parks, etc. You can go to a grocery store and purchase a bag of hard-boiled eggs, enough sliced cheese, cold cuts (if you eat them), veggies and avocado, and make your own sandwiches, and take those for the day wherever you go, plus fruit and raw veggies (like baby carrots). In addition to your large cooler, bring a smaller cooler that you can pack with you to leave the hotel. Thermoses are always so handy, too, if you have a decent drinking water supply (I find hotel water to be fabulously gross, myself, so we tend to buy gallon jugs of water from the store. A night of $5 pizzas can be pretty cheap and if you eat meat, buy a roasted chicken, some salad ingredients, fruit, fresh bread and you have a fairly inexpensive meal. Not cheap, but less expensive.

Almost every hotel carries a few mini-fridges for use of people who have babies or who need to keep their medications cold, so call the hotel directly and request a mini-fridge in your room. It may be free but there may be a charge, either way, I would think the value would be immense.

Also, in the past, when we have gone on business trips, we have absolutely had DH's company cancel reservations and allowed us to make them ourselves. They just tell you what the highest price is that they will fund and you do tons of research online and with AAA's help and find a larger or better equipped room, in a hotel with a full breakfast, perhaps even a cheap restaurant nearby or other things to keep you busy with the children (parks, mall, attractions, etc.). Often, we find better suites with full kitchens and indoor pools, for less than what the other employees are paying for simple rooms. Just really consider location, depending on where your DH needs to be during his stay.

Can you potentially consider renting a car for one or two days of your visit (or taking cabs) so that you can take the children to a children's museum or other area attraction one or two days to help keep you from going stir crazy?

Have fun!
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