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hotsling - stretchy or not?

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i want a hotsling but am having a hard time deciding whether or not to get stretch fabric or the regular cotton. I need your mama's advice. this will be for my newborn in august. i already have a mayasling and OTSBH, never used a pouch before. any advice would be great! i am 5'4 and 130ish pre-preggo. thanks!
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I prefer the stretch...especially with a newborn. I suppose I am biased toward stretch because I LOOOOOVE my KKAFP! If you haven't ordered one of those should! You will love it on the cool autumn days with your babe. We called it the "miracle sling"!
We still wear it around the house in the summer.

I have one Hotsling now and one on the way, and they are both stretch.
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I don't have a hotsling, but I do have a non-stretch and a stretch pouch. I definitely prefer the stretch pouch. Its a lot more comfortable for me. The non-stretch somehow squishes my shoulder funny. I also have an OTSBH but I haven't touch that for a long long time. DH likes the OTSBH better than the pouches though. But it could be because I'm more your size and dh is 6'1 and the pouches are really not made for his height.
thanks for the input! i went ahead and bought a stretchy one. i can't wait to get it....but won't really be able to use it until late aug!!
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