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I plan to buy about 18 more prefolds and a few wool covers and a few pretty wool soakers as well as 36-48 cloth wipes. I'm just not sure what type of wipe to buy yet. There are so many fabric choices. I already own a wipes warmer so I want them to be able to fit inside... so I'm guessing I need about an 8x8 or 7x7 wipe. Anything else I should be getting that I haven't mentioned? I figured whatever I decide I don't like I can trade on the TP (once I'm allowed in anyway!) Any advice?<br><br>
Here's what I have on order so far:<br><br>
6 Infant 4x8x4 Chinese Prefolds<br><br>
4 Sugar Peas HEMP Side Snap Diapers, Soaker With Micro-Fleece, Size 1<br>
2 Little Beetle™ Hemp Original Snap Closure Diapers with 'Leaf' Hemp Doublers, Size 1<br>
1 White Sherpa CuddleBuns™ - Blue Trim, One Size<br>
1 Sugar Plum Organic Cotton Diaper with Fleece Topped Soaker, Size Small<br>
1 Sugar Plum Quick Dry Hemp Diaper With Fleece Topped Trifold Soaker, Size Small<br><br>
1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Froggy Print, Size Small<br>
1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Star Print, Size Small<br><br>
1 Snappi® cloth diaper fastener Light Blue<br>
1 Snappi® cloth diaper fastener White<br>
1 MOE Hanging Diaper Pail Yellow<br>
1 Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment

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If I were you, I'd get another dozen prefods & a bunch more covers - the 1st few weeks it seemed like Ian pooped almost every time he nursed, and the poop would get on his cover about every other time.

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The 18 plus 6 Infant PFs plus your fitteds seem like enough to me. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="shrug"><br><br>
Like Jaye said, I might go for a couple more non-wool covers, too. Wool is WONDERFUL, but this is what I know to be true:<br>
PFs + breastfed newborn + wool = NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE<br><br>
So, you'd mainly want to use the fitteds with whatever fun wool you plan to get. Mmmm, wool. It's great... but not with PFs and breastfed poo... oh, not that you'd breastfeed the poo, but oh, you get me.<br><br>
Was Camryn a big baby? My kids were between 7 and 7 1/2 lbs at birth and the smalls were too small. I had 4 ProRaps NB and probably could have had a couple more, but after 2 weeks my son (the 7#) outgrew his. And, at 4 weeks my daughter (7 1/2#) outgrew hers. (Proraps seconds are an economical cover that you can stock up on. They're just $3 each (call 1-800-397-8594 to check for availability. They usually have more available at the beginning of each month).) That phone number & info is off of this great site: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Wipes... do you know someone with a serger? They're pretty east to make and you can pick out the fabrics yourself. otherwise I LOVE LOVE LOVE <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or lullabybaby I can never remember which. Her wipes are AWESOME!!! Velour/Velour is HEAVENLY!!!! And, her 1/2 wipes are the perfect size to fit in a wipe warmer. HoHumdinger wipes are the cheapest and much raved about. You could do a search for them to find the site, I can't remember it. Sorry.<br><br>
You may want to consider a couple of AIOs if you like the ease. They really are wonderful to keep some around for sitters or a confused to cloth person. Or just for going out as they're usually quite trim. Small Very Baby (available at a LOT of retailers) or Small Daisy Doodles (<a href="" target="_blank"></a> mainly does a custom list and is FAST and the PUL outers are so reliable) would be my pick for you.<br><br>
I think you've got all the basics down! Have fun and make sure to pick out some things you ADORE! Girl shopping is fun! Oooh, and I LOVE Pearl! oh, so sweet!!!
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