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How are you coping with the heat?

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If you are experiencing a heatwave (like we are in the Northeast) are you dealing?

We have a/c in our bedroom so I *can* go up there to take a nap or whatever if I need to...but I kind of get claustophobic in a closed up room so unless I get really uncomfortable, I'm not doing that.

Otherwise...I've been drinking lots of lemonade and iced RRL tea and trying to move as little as possible.

What are you doing?

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We had a very sudden heat wave here (northern midwest US) though the temp is going down today. The last two days have been 90+ with humidity of 60+%! I drank over 100 oz of water both days, and I wasn't forcing it! That's on top of other liquids. I also took a cool bath--very nice!

We do have a/c, but DH didn't turn it on the first day when he left for work. When I came home at lunch I called him at work and said, "Why in the world did you leave all the windows open and NOT turn on the a/c???" He said, "I didn't know it was going to get this hot today." It was 80 degrees with 60% humidity when he left.
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I live in Texas, and its been raining all this week, but last week it was in the upper 90s... Im pretty used to it so havent really been bothered yet.

I figure that I might have a different attitude come August though! I guess I will be swimming often, and the rest of the time hanging out inside with my AC, ceiling fans and gatorade...
It's been 30C or hotter the last couple of days - I'm literally feeling sick to my stomach from the heat.

We live on the 6th floor (7th actually, since there is a "ground" floor) and have no a/c.

It was calling for thunderstorms today - yup - they lasted all of 30 minutes or so, and now the humidity feels 100x worse.

I've got 1 fan in the living room right now, and 1 in the bedroom. When Boo gets up from his nap I'll bring the bedroom one out here too. Hopefully that will help.
I stayed at home in the morning. We have a split entry house, so the downstairs was cool. I went into the doc's and then to work where I am hiding in an airconditioned room...

We are going out for dinner tonight!
I'm so happy that we have centeral air but it's an old unit and doesn't do well in the trailer we live in with no shade trees around at all so dh finally got a window unit in the living room and we use a fan in our bedroom when either of us are sleeping (he works night sleep days). It's so hard when the kids want to go out side and play b/c i dread taking them but don't want to ruin their summer just b/c i'm big and hot! We do lots of water play outside and ually don't go out till after 4:00 or so but then i have to worry about the mascitos that carry west nile so they get sprayed down before we go out then.... really stinks! LOL
Ma here! Its really steamy outside,as long as I'm indoors with our A/C'S blasting, I'm ok.
i'm ok in the house with the a/c or in nice cool stores, but our car is an oven on wheels! our car a/c died on us about 2 weeks ago and would cost $1600 to fix, so no a/c for us
and to make things worse, dd hates having the windows open so i'm constantly opening and closing them to try to keep her happy and keep us from frying. dh put a couple frozen water bottles in the car to try to help
yeah, nice try
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I am not doing well in this heat

Yesterday and today have been hard. I do OK in the morning, but by 3:00 I have a splitting headache, I am so sick to my stomach, and I am so tired. I have been drinking sooooo much water!!!

Right now, I am breathing through the nauesa....I am going to take the boys to the YMCA to swim at 7, but I know it will be so crowded.

DH said he would put the AC in the window tonight after he gets home, but I hear tomorrow it is only going to be in the 70's
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popsicles and lemonade are my constant companions. it's our first full summer in the midwest, and i've been broadsided by the humidity. in CA, we dealt with dry heat (just go sit in the pool!) but here... i don't even want to go outside.

i know i'm gonna flip when i see the power bill, but we've been running the a/c nonstop for the last couple of days. and just hunkering down, not going out unless i have to.

the poor dogs are just wilting. hope this doesn't last too long...

I live in Taiwan, and it is hot here - and really humid. I think I'm starting to get used to it - at least there is a/c everywhere you go.

I drink a lot of iced RRL tea, and make protein smoothies every afternoon!
I took a cool bath this afternoon - at the peak of the day's heat - and it felt great. I turned the a/c on in the bedroom so when I came out of the bathroom I could just lie around for a little while in the cool air.

Before I got in the bath I was SOOOO sweaty. I'm not used to having breasts (I barely needed to wear a bra before I was pregnant). Sweaty boobs resting on a big pregnant belly is very yucky!

After I got out of the bath I coated myself in cornstarch to help with the sweating...worked great!

I hear the heat is going to break tomorrow (here in New England)...I hope so!

Oh...on a positive note, I did get lots of laundry done today -- it's nice and cool in the basement so I didn't mind being down there. And the first things I hung on the line were practically dry by the time I got to the other end of the clotheline! :LOL
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In NC I'm not going out in the afternoon. Dh is trying to figure out what to do with my a/c in my car. I work out in the am and try to do my errands after that. I'm home in the afternoon with the a/c. I've been sleeping naked for quite a while. Poor dh was layin on the couch the other week saying he gets too cold in the bedroom and I take the cover. He ended up with a sinus infection.
: Its not July yet buddy! And if its not cooler at Vacation Bible School tomorrow, I think they're going to see the devil!
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ummm, is not well an answer?

Uggh. I lived in CT when I was pregnant with my first 2. It was hot and humid and I always complained about the humidity. (But we had window units in every room and ceiling fans and breezes) This time I'm in AZ. Central AZ, not Phoenix or Tucson where it's truly hot, but we don't have A/C. It's in the 90's, no breeze, ugggh. My hands and feet have been swelling since I was about 15 or 16 weeks - way too early. It was only May. And I'm getting headaches on the days it's too hot. I'm due the end of Oct/beginning of Nov. Don't know if I'm going to make it without swelling up like a balloon. . . .

I have two little guys who want to play outside allllllll day!
It is freakin hot here. (Cleveland area) Yesterday I saw a thermometer that said 94 degrees!

I am trying to cope....but it's hard. I have been running the A/C, which I have issues with because of environmental concerns. I have to, though...esp. at night. I can't sleep all hot and sweaty. Especially with dd wanting to snuggle up against me. I feel bad saying this, but ICK! My big preggo body does NOT wanna be squished into my little furnace-like toddler!

We have been swimming in the evenings, and taking walks along the river at sunset, rather than playing during the day outside.

I don't go out at ALL between 10 and 2. I don't let my dd out, either. Skin cancer runs VERY heavily in my family, and I am very proud that my dd has never had a tan or burn in her 28 months.
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