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"How are you feeling?"

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I'm just sort of tired of getting this question- not because I'm annoyed at others' concern or thoughtfulness, but because I can NEVER answer "GOOD!"
I'm just really feelin' the effects of pregnancy amplified. I mean I feel like CRAP most of the time, and the exception is usually a 15 minute chunk of feeling not good, but okay. I think I set myself up for this disappointment too though, because I do remember feeling pretty good during my 2nd tri with my daughter. I keep waiting for my energy to come back, and I just seem to be getting increasingly more physically fatigued. Everything aches/is sore. It is rare that I can sleep really well, I'm SO uncomfortable. And I've had my iron checked twice- fine they say! Anyone else with me? I'm just weary and no amount of rest seems like it will ever refresh me. Sorry for the vent.
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with you on this mama. i have been sick a lot this winter - a flu and 4 colds, the last one really kicked my butt. i am feeling better illness-wise, but don't sleep well, my hips hurt from sleeping on my side, i have gained close to 30lbs so i feel like a cow, my head aches constantly, and i am hungry all the time (which doesn't help the weight gain.) i am eating really too much, and not exercising enough. plus we've had major lay offs at work, my boss and good friend passed away last week and i feel generally demoralized and bleak.

when people ask me i keep saying, well things are getting a little better, i guess. at least i'm not throwing up 4 times a day and my hair is getting thicker.
Depending on the person, I say "better now that the morning sickness is over." That's true, even if I feel like crap for other reasons
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I'm with you.
Large and Frumpy.... tired and Grumpy! (that's my answer!)

My 3 yr old has some freak a** stomach bug this week, had it since Thursday- fine all day and pukes during the night. Friday I slept on the floor of her room (didn't want to get too close - was too afraid of 'catching it.' So I kicked dh out of bed at 9 am and slept for 2 solid hours. Makes up for the already bad sleep I was already getting.

Back up a step, I'm back to mildly nauseous all day, which I wasn't at this point with my 3 other (all girls.) Does that mean I'm having a boy or just getting too darn old for this stuff??!

I've gotten to the point now where I'll settle on a couple hours of rest even if I don't sleep... at least it is in silence! LOL! Even if I wander the house allnight long! *sigh* (maybe in 3 more years I'll get back to sleep! LOL!)
youch. a shout out for all the yucky mamas.

I am starting to dread this question, too. Not because I don't feel well, though. I feel great. Just fine. Boring. Normal. Fine. I don't know what else to say. Lately I've been adding, "baby is moving a lot, so that's fun." Otherwise, I feel kind of stumped when people ask. Mostly I think because I'm really thinking about so many other things besides the pregnancy, which at this point is really on autopilot.

Originally Posted by Grumpy72_ga View Post
Large and Frumpy.... tired and Grumpy! (that's my answer!)

I'm going to use this.

Or... like a small alien is sucking the life out of me
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Yep, me too. I DO feel much much better than I did for the first trimester. I still feel awful most of the time. And it recently occurred to me that I kind of hope this one is a girl JUST SO that can be WHY I feel so much worse than I did with my other two (boys). If not, I'm just old and out of shape!

And why am I always trying to do 6 times more things than I realistically can? (Whine.)
awful. I just answer that I FEEL PREGNANT. Can't sleep, tired, cranky, and I too wish I would get the energy that comes with the second trimester. Maybe I should take those Vitamin B dots my midwife suggested......
maybe I'm the only one, but I do feel great! Being my third pregnancy I feel like I've always felt, happy, healthy, stress free because I just don't let stresses near me when I'm pregnant. And because there IS so much stress this go around, I am especially chill.

My emotions are stable, I get a little achey on days where I go into cleaning sprees but nothing really to complain about.

I'll bottle up whatever is making me so happy and send it to the rest of yall ok?
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Originally Posted by thepoet View Post
I'll bottle up whatever is making me so happy and send it to the rest of yall ok?

Yes please... specially if it is keeping your BP down! LOL!
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I feel a little bad saying this but I feel really good for the most part. I feel a bit daft some times and clumsier but otherwise I barely feel pregnant most of the time. For the most part I do feel good.

I have to admit though sometimes earlier on I did feel too good, it made me wonder if something was wrong since I did not feel pregnant. Now I am feeling more movement I can say yup the little zombie is still in there.

I also need to watch I don't over do things since I feel so good sometimes, because if I over do it then things aren't so good.
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