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How big is a "big head"?

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Just curious. My newborn's head measured 15" and everyone in the delivery room whistled at that.
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My MW told me the average is 13.25" - 13.5". I don't know if that is the average in her experience, or the national average. 15" is definitely a good sized head.
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My son's head was 37 cm, which is 14.5" and my midwife commented that he did indeed have a large noggin.
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15" is pretty darn big. My son's was 14.5" (he was 9-7), and my daughters was 13.5" (she was 7-15).
I think avg is 13.5.

I've had 3 kids with 14.5 inch heads and 2 with 13 inch heads. Its funny that that 1.5 inch difference is a huge difference!

I think our average is 13-14.5. However, if *I* measure the head, the mw measures the head, and the doc measures the head, we'd get three different measurements. Everyone places the tape a little differently, some pull it really taut, others not so much,etc. It also depends upon how soon after the birth you measure. The moulding on the head can change dramatically even in 1/2 an hour after birth. And mode of birth also affects it--if mama had a scheduled c-section, or if baby was breech, or if baby was in a funky position so that mama had to push for a heck f a long time, that would affect the shape of the baby's head.

So while, yes, 15 is a pretty good sized head (I'm sure it's all brains
), the Guiness Book of World Records probably won't be knocking down your door.
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Yeah, my son's head was 16 inches and the hospital staff was kind of freaking out, too. :LOL

I had no idea what the norm was!! They said 13-14 is average. Who knew?
ds had a 13.25 in head (10th percentile)- it hurt like crazy pushing him out! I can't imagine 15 or 16 in!!!
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Ds's head was 14 3/4" The midwife thought that was PRETTY BIG. He still has a big head:LOL HE can wear the same size hat as dd.
Both of my babies had 14-1/2" heads and I also recall the hospital staff making comments about a "good sized head".
Anything over 14 we consider big. 15 and above is pretty darn big!
But, hey, if you can get them out?
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My dd's head was 14.75" She's still got a big noggin. She got that from my dh.
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If I recall, Noah's head was about 38 cm (that should be around 15 inches) - it was and still is rather large, just like his Daddy.
I remember the newborn hat I had for him to wear home darn near wouldn't even go on his head! He was breech, too. So, I'm pretty sure I can push just about anything out after that birth... :LOL
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#2's head was 14.5" but her shoulders were 15". And no tearing...midwives are experts!
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And no tearing...midwives are experts
Na Greaseball - YOU are the expert
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