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how can I figure out if I have oversupply issues?

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Here's the situation: 3 month old DD has had bloody poop off and on for about 3 weeks. I thought it was due to a dairy allergy as this started right after I started eating a lot more dairy, and she also developed some other allergy symptoms at the same time. But the bloody poop continues (only a little bit every few days) even though I haven't had dairy in 3 /2 weeks (and yes I know it can take 4-6 weeks to clear out of both of our systems).

Anyhow, I'm starting to wonder if I might have oversupply issues, which I've read can also cause bloody poop. DD isn't fussy or gassy, but she does make a clicking sound very frequently when she nurses--it almost sounds like she is losing her latch but she doesn't. She used to choke quite a lot, too, but now she rarely chokes.

Is there any way to tell for sure if I have oversupply issues? Is there a way to treat it if I do?
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I've never heard of bloody poop from oversupply. Green poop. not blood.

On kellymom it discusses possible causes of bloody poop and says that some people find when they treat an oversupply issue bloody poop goes away.
I had oversupply with both of my nurslings. What worked for me (I found this on Kellymom) is nursing on one breast for two feedings, then the other for two feedings. The oversupply improved within a few days. Clicking, gulping,gas, reflux-all of that is associated with oversupply. I have not heard of bloody stools being related to oversupply, although kellymom is a great source of info, I've found. Have you spoken with your MD about it? There are certainly a number of other causes for bloody stools that warrant an evaluation. I assume you eliminated all cow milk sources, like cheese, yogurt, reading labels ,etc...??
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