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How can I get crayon out of my laundry?

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Somehow a crayon snuck into my dryer and now there is melted crayon all over our clothes!

It was a BIG load of clothes, too!

Does anyone know how to get it out?
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I'm not sure about crayon but I've removed wax from clothing with an iron. Just lay an old rag over the waxy area and press with a dry iron...the wax should melt and absorb into the rag. Crayon can sometimes be a little tougher to get out than plain candle wax, but it might be worth a try. The pigment from the crayon can stain too...I hope that you're able to get it out!
I hate to tell you this, but I got a bit of blue crayon in a white load of laundry once, and I never did get it out. I still have a white t-shirt, some underwear, and some pillowcases around with blue smudges on them. All Sprogly's white newborn onesies had blue all over them.
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heat the crayon wax with hair dryer, scrape as much as you can off with something like a credit card, and then try toothpaste or baking soda
use a baking soda paste or baking powder
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