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How can I get rid of Moths?

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The moths have invaded my kitchen!! A few months ago I purged my kitchen of the tiny maggots that had invaded a bag of rice flakes that I forgot about...since then I've become a 'mothenator', killing any and every moth I see.

Now that the weather has gotten warmer, I see moths (BIG ones) in my kitchen and pantry every day and can't figure out where they're coming from. Since the rice flake incident I've tightly closed any and all flour, and rice products, but the moths still keep coming.

With the pine scented wooden chips I've been better at keeping them out of the bedroom and clothes.

Anyone have any good ideas for getting rid of kitchen moths?
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Those things are hard to get rid of aren't they? They somehow sprouted in my kitchen in a box of quinoa flakes; like you, I sealed everything palatable up but they still appear. Not in great numbers, but I usually kill one or two a week. I don't get it...

Sorry I can't help you out, but I'll be watching this thread!
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