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How can I get stains out of my inserts?

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I use mainly Fuzzi Bunz, and the inserts are getting stained - when DS poops it goes through the fleece of the FB and right onto the insert!

Any tips for getting these darn stains out?? I have a front-loader so am not sure if I can use certain things, like oxiclean, in there.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that that I'm using Mother Eve's 5-layer french terry inserts. They're working pretty well but are getting really stained (yuck).
have you tried sunshine? works for me!
If you wanted to use oxyclean you could put them in a bucket with the oxyclean and some hot water to soak (the hotter the better is the key to oxyclean). When I use it to treat stains I soak overnight. Anyway, wring the inserts out after soaking and do a good rinse and normal diaper wash and rinse before using
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