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how can i have a compost bin??

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we are just starting to enjoy our new home for the spring/summer season, and I would really like to have a compost bin. BUT, our dog is crazy and he is gross, and rolls in any compost we put out - resulting in a coffee grounds and nasty egg shell encrusted black lab... yummy
especially inthe heat of the summer lol!! so, DH is not that handy, but my brother is, so if i try to convince him to help me, i bet he will... I will be having major abdominal surgery this summer, but i dont' want to let that stop my commitment to a greener earth!! We will be planting a garden this summer ( Woo-hoo!! i am so excited!) and i want to have a good compost bin to draw from. anoyone with any good plans/suggestions? keep in mind that my pooch is quite persistent, so chicken wire won't cut it!!
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If you can swing the money, it sounds like you may need to purchase a tumbler or something else with a good locking lid. Stinky dog would be no fun!
we have a lot of work to do here, money on a compost bin is the last thing DH would agree to right now !!!!
Mine is a lot like this. The panels in the front lift out to make it easier to get the compost out. I have a compost dog myself. With this design the way it is, she was able to paw tidbits out between the slats. Not enough to roll in but enough to give her nasty farts! So we attached heavy wire mesh to the inside. Now she can't get at anything.
I've seen online plans for a bin made out of old wooden pallets. I think one of those would keep a lab out, and you might be able to get the materials free/cheap.
See if your city/town offers discounted bins. Even if they don't, commercially produced bins are generally pretty cheap. Unless you have materials kicking around that you could use to build one, you will probably spend just as much building one than buying one.

And I totally get the gross dog issue. We have a bin and the dogs more or less leave it alone... except they really like to pee on it.
My compost bins are made of pallets, which you can usually pick up for free, at least around here. I just wired four of them together to make a square. It's tall enough to keep a dog out, but some stuff tends to fall through the sides. One way to prevent that is to put stuff like tall cut grass and weeds around the edges inside, to make a barrier, and throw things like kitchen scraps in the middle.
A tumbler is the very best solution that we came up with! It seemed like a lot of $$ to shell out at once, but we have had ours for 5 years, it works beautifully, and we have super healthy gardens and grass!!
Our city has a subsidized plan; they sell a cold composter for $20 and a hot composter for $40. I've seen similar ones retailing for $150-200! Definitely check with your solid waste management department.

Ours also offers a composting class, during which they also teach you how to make your own composter out of a giant trash bin. If your dog can't knock those over, that might be your best bet.
wow, thats cool.. i'll look into it!!
I've got my compost in a big garbage can like this. I bought two of them for something like $10 or $15 apiece. I've just started, so I don't have any compost yet, but it seems to be going along pretty well thus far.
ktarsha-- thanks so much for that link!! my compost is presently in two old trashcans while I try to figure out what to do with tit, so I can keep composting, but not have the pile on my lawn.. (trying to optimize my garden space!) trash cans are on spots where I can't plant or put a regular pile!.. this is the perfect solution!!!)


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I've got my compost in a big garbage can like this. I bought two of them for something like $10 or $15 apiece. I've just started, so I don't have any compost yet, but it seems to be going along pretty well thus far.
I have 2 like this that I use for food and easy.
I do leaves and other non-food waste in a homemade "bin" made with chickenwire.
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I love this one, especially the video that shows how to tumble the compost.
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