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My daughter is 28 months and using the potty nearly full-time. Like a lot of kids, she loves to go to the bathroom in public places. It's tedious but normal and I don't mind taking her over and over and over and over...

She's also very big on "you need to wait your turn." She's in daycare and there are about 7 toddlers to one potty, so they need to wait sometimes. She's also very independent in general -- not really the type to cling to my leg much.

These 3 factors are making pottying in public a battle. She says, "Mommy, I need go potty. You need to wait. You stay, I be right back." Of course, I'm not about to let my toddler head off to a public bathroom alone but when I say, "Oh, mommy will come too," she gets so frustrated. I really want to acknowledge that I respect her independence and I am so excited to see her growing up and learning new things, but I still need to go with her to the bathroom for now. Any suggestions to help her understand? She's very verbal and she understands a lot but she's still just a baby so there's only so much I can say to help her. I just feel bad because I was also a very independent kid -- I know how she feels.

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"It's mama's job to keep you safe. I need to go with you to make sure for myself that everything is safe."


"When we're out, mama needs to go with you. I'll wait outside the stall, but I need to be in the bathroom with you."

Followed by "I know you really want to do it yourself. You sound frustrated." and a hug.
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