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how can I safely treat my 17month olds diarreah at home?

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My son has had diarreah since Friday morning. He also had some vomitting on Saturday but not since. He's nursing a lot, drinking penty of water and still wetting hid diapers so I'm not worried about dehydration. He has definately lost his appetite, though.

I'm going to bring him to the ped tomorrow but the poor baby is miserable. IS there anything safe to give a 21lb toddler for the runs?

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We just went thru this and yeah, dehydration is the main issue.

If that is not a concern right now I would treat at home. I'd keep his fluids up... breastfeed as much as he will take, give water. The doc also recommended Gatorade or Pedialyte to us to replenish electrolytes, but I don't think this is necessary really if you're still nursing (which I am... she wouldn't drink the Gatorade anyway).

If he will eat, offer starchy foods like rice, bananas. My daughter wouldn't eat anything, and we finally got McDonald's french fries. She ate those!

Somebody told me the diarrhea won't stop until they have some solids in their system. Maybe someone else can confirm this? I'm not sure if it's true, but it was the case for my daughter.

Especially if puking is an issue, give small amounts of food/drink frequently. My daughter started with three french fries every 45 minutes. Or a quarter of a banana, or 2 crackers.

Good luck! I hope he is better soon!
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BRAT diet...bananas, rice, applesauce, toast....keep up with the nursing too.
Yep, good advice. BRAT and nurse nurse nurse nurse nurse.

Dd won't eat any of the BRAT diet except for bananas. We did have luch with dry puffed rice cereal though. Good luck!
Probiotics. Make sure you buy the refrigerated kind. You can give it to him in a spoon, or mix it in some applesauce. It really helps us with stomach upsets.
second on the probiotics. they make a powdered variety for infants/toddlers. it will help eliminate any bad gut flora and replenish the good gut flora and keep it all in balance. Udo's Choice and Jarro-Dophilus are two brands I know of that are very high quality. They come refrigerated and you can buy them at most natural and health food stores.

Drink plenty water or water with a little lemon and a touch of salt it is an excellent hydrater and try the B.R.A.T. diet for a day or two.


It really works well and they are getting decent nutrition.

My kids just got over Rotavirus, apparently it is everywhere right now and my 4yr olds Speech Therapist didn't realize that the germs can live for extended periods of time on any surface and her son had it and she brought it to my house, apparently on her clothes. That causes vomiting/diahrea. The upset stomach can actually lasts for many days. Anywho, for anyone who wants it, here is a recipe for a form of Pedialyte that I make in a crunch, like in the middle of the night or whatever and can't get to a store, but my kids' Pediatrician said it would be fine to use anytime and that it was just as good.

5 cups boiled and cooled water
1 cup 7up or Sprite
1 tspn salt
1 tspn baking soda
1 tbsp white sugar

I also sprinkle in a KoolAid packet to taste on occasion if the 4yr old refuses to drink it plain. It actually isn't that bad compared to store bought anyway.
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pureed blueberries are also great to battle diareah
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