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How can I stop when no one helps

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Well, I have a impulse control that cause me to go nuts over little things . I have no idea why. I have been on mostly all the meds you can name of and they don't even work then when I get off of them on to another it's like I go even more nuts.

I have tried therapy with psychiatrist, counselors, psychotherapist some of them just listen , do what they think -don't listen what I want, then some of them play the 'intro and no show game .

I had gotten this psychotherapist to come in my home who works with ppl with impulse issues and she had just intro listening. Canceling out on 2 mondays and the friday and then on 3rd monday she goes well my life and buisness is too hetic for me to see you.

I'm tired of having this impulse it makes me feel as I am a very loony person and I want to be able to relax and not be going so crazy or feel as I am some crazy person.

I have seen at least 20 counselors some were psychiatrist and some where psychologist.

I so much have seen nearly all the counselors in the city where I am and I just don't know what to do and I need a counselor that specifically help with impulse issues otherwise the other counselors just deal with listening and I don't want a counselor to listen to me and drug me with whatever. I know no matter what I do medcine won't help me it may make my behavior worse , make my whole body hurt, but it don't teach me how to learn how to 'stop , deal with these impulses.

My son is already imitating my behavior and he thinks it's funny behavior .
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I am sorry your experience has been so alienating. Maybe somehow the doctors you have consulted are not understanding your condition? Have you tried any alternative doctors? I think you definitely need to find someone who can really hear what you need. Still you are right that drugs and doctors can only do so much. There are certainly some proactive things you can do to help yourself, particularly to decrease the stress in your life. For instance, a diet of whole foods, cutting out processed stuff and sugar. Physical exercise daily, such as yoga or walking. And conscious breathing or meditation. Regular practice of yoga and meditation have really helped me be more calm and patient with the world around me and with myself. Good luck to you. I hope that helps.
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