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Hi, I need support here from people who don't automatically say "of course wean him now!!" whenever I express doubts about nursing (like everyone IRL

I am currently hating nursing and not sure what to do about it. Background: my ds will be 3 in a couple of weeks, and I am 23 weeks pregnant, my milk dried up completely at about 10-12 weeks and so he has been dry nursing which HURTS, plus I think he is kind of losing his technique, like using teeth more, because there is no milk there to encourage the proper latch.

We had the ideal nursing relationship, he latched right on at birth and never looked back, I did night-wean him over a six month period from 12-18 months for my sanity but it didn't affect his daytime nursing at all...he has always taken the lead on that and cut himself down to about 4x/day at 2years, and then slowly tapering off to about 1-2x/day now, skipping some days, and then nursing several times other days.

Since I've been pregnant I've been limiting him more (painful nipples OW), but willing to stick it out, but lately I am feeling DONE DONE. He is a huge 3yo! Everyone thinks he is four already and he is not even quite 3.

I think I may have just hit my personal nursing wall. BUT, could this be because I am still pregnant? I ma not sure. It is hard to get advice because almost all of the people I have read about who tandemed had a much younger "older" sibling.

If he was younger, it wouldn't be an issue, of course I would still nurse him, but since he is 3 now, I am just not sure if it is the pregnancy driving me crazy, or the nursing.

I am not sure how to wean a 3yo either, it seems like a hard age, I mean he does understand that I am taking it away but can't fully grasp the concept why, like the four-yo tactics I've heard about "making a deal"....ESPECIALLY since there will be a new baby in Oct who is nursing 24 hours a day.

OK, thanks for listening to my ramble, I'm not sure what I need...encouragement to continue, encouragement to wean, sympathy, anyone who has nursed through pregnancy with an older preschooler?

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Only you can decide. I did wean 2 of mine while pg at around 8 mos gestation. I meant to tandem with the 2nd one but I just could'nt stand it. She was 3 1/2 and adapted very well. Maybe she asked once to nurse after ds was born, I let her try and that was it. I just explained it hurt me to nurse and we talked it over for a week or so. She was trying to nurse 3x/day and I only could stand once. My nips felt like hamburger with more frequency. But she was happier with no nursing than having me limit her! She whimpered half-heartedly to nurse for about 2 or 3 minutes for 3 nights and that was it. And once weaned she finally started sleeping all night.

It all depends on your needs and hers. It is a 2 way street to bf a toddler/preschooler.

Even if you do wean now, you might be able to tandem later.
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