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I've had tons of people tell me my daughter is "advanced"...but what exactly does that mean?

She is 15 months old and she does things a 2 year old would be doing.

I don't know if these things are normal at her age?!

She has been doing all this since she was at least 12 months...

-finds pictures in books and names the object pictured
-point to eyes, ears, or nose when you ask
-likes to take things apart and put it back together (since 8 months or so)
-ask for something by pointing or by using one word
-tries to put her own shoes on and says "shoe!" and "sock!"
-says "hi", "bye", "thank you", and "please" not clear, but she says it
-points to animals or objects says their name. "bear", "dog", "kitty", "shoe", "hat", "ear", "baby", "mama", "dada", "nose", "ear"
-points at oven/candle/light etc and says "hot"
-plays chase and a mild version of hide and go seek
-gathers things/makes piles
-plugs and unplugs EVERYTHING
-takes lids on and off jars/ chapstick/ etc (since 8 months)
-mumbles "what is this?" (since 8 months)
-she has been walking since 10 months

I assume she is gifted...she has been alert and learning quickly since birth

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From what I've read, it is hard to tell sometimes in babies and toddlers, as often development is not linear and they can go through "spurts". Sometimes with toddlers it is "wait and see"

I can say with mine, it was impossible NOT to know. We didn't always know the word was "gifted", but we knew SOMETHING was different with him.

If you child is gifted, it will be something that will stick around and you will be dealing with on some level for their whole life. Being gifted does not come and go (though some times it is more in the forefront of your life and sometimes it fades into the background), so if she is gifted, she will be gifted now and in the future (so, I guess what I am saying is what advice others often give- sounds like it sure could be... Meet her needs, enjoy her, and see what the future brings. For many, the need to specifically address giftedness outside the home begins when children go to school, so use the toddler years to explore and get to know your child...).

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Good question! I've gotten the same feedback about my DS, but I was not sure if he's just fast at picking some things up and if it will taper off as he gets older. But I kind of doubt it.
He's always been a very alert and inquisitive child, even at a few weeks old you could tell (but I chalked that up to him being born at home, when all of the other babies people had seen recently were hospitals with an epi or a c/s). He has always been ahead with motor skills (walking like a pro at 9 mos). He's got so many skills that I can't even list them. He's stacking now as well and doing all sorts of finer skills.
I figured that he would talk later because he was so good at the physical, but he's getting words now too.m Right now I'm most impressed with his love of animal sounds. He has an animal book that he gets excited about and brings to us. When we open to certain pages, he will make the sound. So far he only has "meow" "oink" and "moo". But when we ask "what does a cat/pig/cow say?", he will make the appropriate sound. So, he gets both the verbal question and the picture. I am proud! And when he sees our cats he says "meow". He can say "cat" (more like "ca") but he likes meowing to them because sometimes they meow back.
He also responds to commands - I ask him to help me with the laundy and he will push the basket, give me clothes, etc.

Well, that was one huge brag fest, but it feels kind of good. My friends kids are not doing a lot of this, and I don't want to be obnoxious.
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