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The job stereotyping is hilarious. My Dad is a software programmer, and I totally see the aspie-ness of him and his job.

I then married an OCD/Tourrettes/ADD and possibly an Aspie.

I was the one who suggested to my husband that he has Asperger's, I work with autistic kids, and he is EXACTLY like one of my students. When I explained to him the common misconceptions about Autism (his biggest one was that they don't 'feel' for other people, or that they aren't caring/loving) he actually has started to enjoy realizing what makes him tick (and tic
) and we've been implementing the same techniques used for autistic kids to overcome things like his sleeping habits, his rage/outbursts, and his anxiety.

If presented in the right way, it almost becomes a blessing. We've discovered a lot of little things that make our lives SO MUCH EASIER. We run the fan 24/7 for white noise, and it has more than halved the time he spends mindlessly zoning out on TV, searching for auditory and sensory stimulation. Sensory/OT things have become a part of our 'intimate' time, back massages, scalp rubs, and we're even considering getting a trampoline.

Life is so much easier now that I don't feel like I'm holding knowledge back from him, and that we have someplace to look for ideas.

Hope that helps; it has certainly helped us.
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